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Strange customs of the Princeton University

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The Princeton “Nude Olympics” is the first strange tradition. A lot of prestigious universities can brag about the traditions of “naked” races. Students are delighted with this way to prove themselves and to look at others. Each of such marathons differs in originality, though it also has similar concepts. This tradition was firstly formed by the Princeton University. And the first “naked” races, under the name The Nude Olympics, were held in December, 1970.

In the midnight of that day when the first snow fell, the undressed students run round campuses. Students were very responsible for the preparation of the marathon. As soon as the date of the first snowfall became known, students thought of their images and suits. The fact that the races were held naked, didn’t prevent participants of a marathon from putting on extravagant hats, gloves in order to stand out among the crowd.

“The Nude Olympics” were an event not only of university or city, but also of all northeast coast of the USA.

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Princeton today can not boast of maintaining of the original tradition due to one unfortunate incident. In the winter of 1997 there was no snow, that’s why “The Nude Olympics” was not held. And in January, the next year, with the first snowfall the students of Princeton decided to make up for a lost time and celebrate the race twice bigger. Excessive use of alcohol that night caused damage to the campus of the university, and for several participants, in general, this celebration ended with a hospital. Therefore today any attempts to revive this tradition are forbidden by police.

Another tradition is The Newman Day. Teachers of the Princeton University with fear wait on April 24. When the actor, Paul Newman, gave a lecture to an audience, he did not expect that his phrase “24 cans of beer in a package and 24 hours in a day. Coincidence? I don’t think” serve as a beginning of this student’s tradition. To drink 24 cans of beer per day and thus honestly carry out the academic duties is the main condition of the ritual. However, the prospect to meet a hangover adequately at a desk, but without confusing the word during the report became a challenge rather than a holiday.

Paul Newman is very unpleased that such student’s tradition is concerned with his name. He appealed to the management of the Princeton University to forbid it. But, as said the university administration, the custom is informal therefore nobody can cancel it.
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